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Great way to get started with your yoga practice from the safety of your home.

Hatha yoga can be a great way to start practicing yoga, especially for beginners. It includes breathing and posture exercises and is a more gentle and slow yoga style. The sequence is static and focuses on alignment and detail allowing to explore each pose for a longer duration. Hatha will leave you more relaxed, rejuvenated, and flexible. Suitable style for all levels.


One of the most popular styles among yogis of all experience levels

If you need a bit more cardio, consistent flow, breath-work, and different poses, then Vinyasa yoga is right for you! Practice with your teacher from your home and enjoy not only a physical but also mental challenge. The flow will allow you to stay focused and will gently push your limits. Suitable for all levels. Will leave you feeling centered and renewed.


Relax and Renew with a meaningful mind-body experience on the mat.

Yin yoga provides a much-needed break from the stress and speed of the day to day life. The sequence consists of a series of long-held sitting or lying postures, working on not only the muscles but also the joints and the connective tissue. It will calm your mind, body, and spirit. Proven to reduce stress and anxiety and assist in increasing flexibility by working with deeper layers of the body. Relax into a soothing sequence and enjoy benefits that Yin yoga has on your mental health.


See the world upside down

One of the most challenging balancing poses to master, this traditional gymnastics move is fun to learn, even more fun to master, and the most fun to play around with once you're solid on two hands.
Gain confidence and get the same benefits from handstands as you would from any other strength training exercise: increased lean muscle mass, improved mood, increased bone density, and increased strength, just to name a few.


Something for everyone!

We also offer Pregnancy Yoga, Kids Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing and Meditation. Email us to find out more!

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